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Tribute pen commissioned as a gift for Major General William Garrison.  Major General Garrison is a highly decorated Army Veteran especially known for his leadership skills in Operation Gothic Serpent during the Battle if Mogadishu, more commonly known from the movie Black Hawk Down.  The pen includes custom artwork along with a segmented cap consisting of Blue Dyed Boxelder Burl, Cottonwood Burl (White) and Spalted Tamarind (Red).  The wood was cut, assembled and turned to represent out great flag with 13 stripes and a sea of blue including white specs from the Burl wood.  The display stand is Spalted Maple.  The base wood was very dirty and rotten and was cleaned up and the void spaces were filled with colored resin in red, white and blue.  The text was laser engraved on the base for a beautiful presentation.  The base also proudly displays an American Flag and the US Army flag.  Laying in a custom fit groove is a portion of one of the barrels from an authentic M134 Mini Gun used in training and combat ops for the US Army.  This pen was truly a privilege and honor to work on.

Major General Tribute Pen with Display

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