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Your signature is in essence an extension of you.  It represents you, your approval or denial, a lasting legacy that you were there.  You can use it to Sign important documents, or buy a house or a car.  You can sign a birth certificate or a passport or even a check.  Like a fingerprint, a signature is a unique extension of your identity.  It can mean "I approve" or "I oppose".  When a signature can mean so much, shouldn't the pen you use be as unique and personal as you are?  When you make your mark, what tool will you use?

Perhaps an elegant, natural wood design.  The timeless beauty of God's creation captured in a piece of art that can be held within your hand.  Or maybe something bright and colorful.  A durable and colorful acrylic in your favorite color and style.  Maybe something playful like a Kaleidoscope pen, a bolt action or steam punk.  Of course, you may just want to start your own collection!  Whichever pen you choose, we hope that it's something you are proud to own and show off.  When you leave your signature, do it with a pen from Signature Expressions!


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